About the Webmaster

Firstly, you can contact Dominica regarding this site by e-mailing canadianswebmaster@yahoo.com as long as you do not ask her to pass on fanmail to the 3 Canadians. If you would like to send fanmail to the 3 Canadians, do so by e-mailing The3Canadians@hotmail.com

Dominica was born in Western Australia and grew up there. She gained an interest in comedy at an early stage of her life but really got into it in 1999. That was the year she saw her first live comedy show and started writing her own material. In 2000, she headed East to experience the Melbourne Comedy Festival for the first time. This is when she first encountered Eric and Derek and began to take interest in them.

For a long time in Dominica's childhood, she refused to accept Australia as her home as all her relatives (not including her immediate family) lived in America. This may very well lead to shock of, how could an American like Canadians? Well, as Dominica took more interest in comedy, she took a better look at Australian society and culture, and accepted that she could love comedy, no matter where it came from. This is why, when in 2001 she again ventured across the country to the Melbourne Comedy Festival and finally saw full length international shows. She knew from the beginning that she had to see the 3 Canadians' "Space Monkeys" after seeing Eric and Derek the previous year at Southgate. She had every intention of meeting them to ask for interviews, she didn't however, realise just how much she was going to learn from them then on in to create a website about them.

As the information poured in, the website was born.