April 27, 2002

Welcome to the final update ever. The 3 Canadians have chosen to go their separate ways yet again, and I don't have the time to keep updating this site with information. For any new stuff about these guys, please check Hot Nuts and Popcorn. With this final update, I have reviewed Ben Hur Digitally Remastered.

November 23 2001

tour dates and Derek's profile have been updated. Also, a link to the Adelaide Fringe Festival site has been added.

August 28 2001

Just the home page was updated today, with a quote from North. Something he told the webmaster to put on during their conversation this morning.

August 23 2001

In redesigning ComedyDownUnder.com, it was decided that this site would be redesigned also so it can be better viewed in both Netscape and Internet Explorer, and also so it wouldn't matter what size your resolution was. On the North front, yesterday he said that he will still answer his interview and also help with biography information.

July 29 2001

For statistical purposes, there are now 35 pages on this site. The new additions this time include a new section for memories, which will eventually have more than just two of Derek's memories. Eric and Derek are on the road at the moment and find it hard to contribute during this time. The other new page added is the contact details which doesn't really contain any new information, but it was required to find the fan mail address easier. Previous visitors may also note that the left menu has changed to incorporate these new pages - the site map can be found here now as well. The site map has again been updated with the changes. And a small but probably noticeable change is the layout of the home page.

July 10 2001

The Hot Nuts and Popcorn page has been changed a little, and a link to the official Hot Nuts and Popcorn Productions site has been added. Some other minor errors have been fixed up around the place.

June 29 2001

Not much really, just temporarily, you can send fanmail to the 3 Canadians from the webmaster page. This morning (or last night if we go by Canadian time), Eric went and created a fanmail e-mail address and asked that it be put on the site. There will be a contact page at some stage, but not until information for the new section is sent in. This is going to be a surprise.

June 28 2001

Again with help from Eric. He sent in more reviews and also told Dominica how he and Derek came up with the name "Hot Nuts and Popcorn".

June 23 2001

Eric helped a whole lot more. He sent in a lot of info for the time line, some reviews other people have written about them, plus North's birth place. Apart from that, a new link has been added, and one has been fixed up.

June 20 2001

Eric sent in 10 pictures to be added to the site. In doing so, there are now 5 pictures pages. The new pictures can be found on Promotional Shots: Hot Nuts and Popcorn and Promotional Shots: The 3 Canadians. This means that the site map has been fixed up again. Aside from that, the 3 Canadians page has had a little bit added to it, as has the Hot Nuts and Popcorn Productions page. Thanks to Derek for the help for H&P. Also, Eric's biography has been completed.

June 18 2001

The calendar of upcoming gigs has been fixed up, with dates and links to official websites - a lot more details. Those links have also been added to the links page. You might notice that the left hand link column has changed slightly. A page has been added for Eric and Derek's Hot Nuts and Popcorn Productions, and the promo shots has been taken off, it has just moved to the photos page, as some photos were found and added to a new page for the Christchurch Buskers Festival. Because of these changes, the site map has also been changed.

June 15 2001

Eric sent in a couple of upcoming gigs and also sent in the start of his list of favourites for his biography.

June 14 2001

Eric completed answering his interview, and answered more questions asked regarding his biography which has now had a bit added to. He will continue to answer questions regarding his biography, and the website, over the coming days. Also, a link to Eric's father's website Amber's Furniture has been added.

June 13 2001

Eric answered the first nine questions of his interview, and by doing so helped a little bit with the tour dates.

June 10 2001

The biographies of Eric, Derek, and North have all had things added to. The time line has been fixed up, and had things added to it. The group work (3 Canadians together) page has had things added to it. Also, a link has been added to The Loose Moose Theatre site and The Age newspaper online.

June 7 2001

Derek visited the site today and said everything looked good, but it seemed like a bit much for him. However, even though not all information has yet been received, the webmaster decided to open it anyway. Apologies for not yet having North and Eric's interviews back, and North's extremely short biography.

June 2 2001

A new and improved layout changed the site dramatically. Two more banners were also created and added.

June 1 2001

A link to waydowntown.com was added to the links page. Also a bit more information was added to Derek's biography.

May 26 2001

This site was completed with as much information the webmaster could muster without seeking help from Eric and North. All the reviews were finally written, a third banner was made, and Eric and North's biographies were completed with as much information Dominica knew. They will hopefully be completed with Eric and North's help.

May 16 2001

This site was first uploaded but not yet ready for opening.

May 14 2001

Work started at creating this site.