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Eric's memories

my first meeting with Eric
Eric and Derek defy "Just for Laughs" authority
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Derek's memories

my first meeting with Eric

I remember when I first met Eric. God it was a long time ago. About twelve years now. We were both in a kids show at this theatre we used to frequent. It was Robin Hood. I was Alan Adale and Eric was playing a goofy clone.

Anyway we'd heard about each other through various theatresport connections and we knew that each other was the 'hot shit'. Anyway one night, it was late, we were rehearsing. During a break in the rehearsal we start to monkeying. Now remember we were 16(?) at the time so when we monkeyed, we monkeyed.

I was swinging off this curain rod and I told Eric to come closer because...I don't know I wanted to jump on to his shoulders...instead I kicked him in the nuts. Square double-over bang on in the fleshy bit.

Well the rest of the rehearsal was a bit tense. Then during supper break, as a means to apologise I invited him and his buddy Dan out to McDonald's to smoothe over the rift that was begining to develop.

Luckily we all were having a good time until I dared Dan to stuff his whole big mac down his throat. Which he did. Although Dan had a giant mouth the big mac wouldn't fit. Eric and I weren't being much help either as we were making him laugh and by consequence choking him. That didn't deter us though we kept at the joking and the killing of our friend. And just when it could get any more ridiculous Dan's nose began to bleed. Well....

Dan is still alive. Two kids and a house in the 'burbs. Eric and I have never been to a McDonald's since.

Eric and Derek defy "Just for Laughs" authority

OK so there we are...doing a show on Rue St. Denis the hub of the "Just for Laughs" festival in Montreal. It's Sunday night. We've been doing shows the last two nights but on Saturday we were given a very stern warning that our appearence will not be tolerated. You see the festival has provided the citizens of Montreal with free entertainment on stages set up for that purpose, and Eric and I rolling onto the street and passing the hat is not smiled upon by the organizers of the event.

Anyway...we're at the part of the show where we are about to ask the audience for money. You know, wrapped up knee-to-shoulder in saran wrap, and we've been doing a killer show. I mean lots o'laughs. While I've been doing the show in English, Eric has been attempting to do it all in French with occasioanl vocabulary correction from the audience--all very funny.

Anyway...there we are all vulnerable and cold when from the audience two very large gentleman from security materialize into the circle. We try to use our charm and Eric's French to get them to wait until the end of the show (a scant five minutes away), but they have been ordered to escort us off the premises right now. We try to convince them if they just let us escape from the cling wrap we'll be gone before they know it, but they are determined to remove us immediately.

By this time Eric's dander is up and he is yelling at them while I'm still trying to make funny out of the situation. We hop around the circle while they clumsily chase us. We try to engage them in a bull fight. One of them even re-positions my ears which have fallen over my eyes. Nice gesture, but we still weren't going quietly.

They pull out a knife and begin to cut us out. we are still doing the routine. Lot's of laughs. The audience by this point has no idea if this is staged or not. A wierd spectacle is unfolding in front of them and they love it. The security guys are threatening us with areest and the kinds of things that security guys the world over use.

Anyway...we escape. To the delight of the five hundred plus crowd that has assembled. But this is the corker, as soon as we escape the audience rushes in and provides a barrier between us and the guards. They can't find us. North packs up all our stuff and we slip out undetected to polish off two pitchers of gin and tonics elsewhere in the city.