Links - the mother site, information about much comedy seen in Australia.

Hot Nuts and Popcorn Productions - the official Hot Nuts and Popcorn website. - the only other site dedicated to the 3 Canadians. Contains quotes, polls, a message board and more.

3 Canadians Yahoo Club - chat to other 3 Canadians fans.

Adelaide Fringe Festival - official site for the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

The Age - Melbourne's "The Age" newspaper online.

Amber's Furniture - Eric's father's furniture store's website.

Bride of Frankenfringe - The 1999 Edmonton Fringe Festival as to which 'members of the 3 Canadians' were special guests in the show Gordon's Big Bald Head's "The Big Stupid Improv Show".

Edinburgh Fringe Festival - the Edinburgh Fringe Festival's official website.

Edmonton Fringe Festival - the Edmonton Fringe Festival's official website. - Derek's favourite website. Pornography of furniture pieces.

FYI Calgary - a website about Calgary, the city where the Loose Moose troops began. - great listing for comedy sites all over the world. This site is included up there.

Loose Moose Theatre - the website of the infamous Loose Moose Theatre where the guys began in improv.

Melbourne Comedy Festival - the Melbourne Comedy Festival's official website.

New Zealand's Laugh Festival - another festival the guys have performed at.

Stage Left - a site which has reviewed some 3 Canadians Melbourne Comedy Festival shows.

Token Events - the agency that sponsored "North Alone" and "Space Monkeys" in Australia.

Waterloo Buskers Carnival - Buskers Carnival in Ontario, Canada. - waydowntown website. A film Derek Flores was in.

Windsor International Buskers Festival - A festival in Ontario, Canada.

World Buskers Festival - Festival held in January in Christchurch Eric and Derek have performed at since 1999.