"Eric is dating Ian Thorpe...Eric says 'Ian is dreamy...'" - North

A little about this site:

Enter the Canadians was created for fans of the 3 Canadians with a fair amount of help from the members of the 3 Canadians (Eric and Derek anyway). This site is a major production of ComedyDownUnder.com and therefore, some (but not all) of the things on this site can also be found there.
The reason this was created as a separate site was because there were too many pages for the 3 Canadians to have on the main site and they were all too hard to find. Having everything on a sub-site just makes it easier for web surfers only interested in the 3 Canadians.
Many thanks go to Eric Amber and Derek Flores.
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"We're not Americans for health reasons, it would make us irony deficient." - Eric

Message from the webmaster -
Thanks for taking the time to visit this site, and for liking the 3 Canadians enough in the first place to go looking for them online. I officially opened this site on June 7th 2001 as Derek looked it over then, but as at April 27th 2002, I've chosen not to update any more. The 3 Canadians have gone their separate ways and so there is really no need for me to update any longer.
North is the only one of the 3 Canadians who has not helped me out, which is why he probably has the least amount of info on this site. Please check out all the great pictures - Eric was nice enough to send me some.
I last updated/fixed up this site on April 27th 2002.
- Dominica