The 3 Canadians: Together

To test your knowledge on the 3 Canadians, a crossword has been created. You may find the answers by searching this site. You can also check out the time line to get a brief outlook of when they did what.

In February of 1994, three 20 year old Canadians headed out to Adelaide, South Australia for the bi-annual Fringe Festival. Products of the Loose Moose Theatre, out just to test their improvisational skills. Three young Canadians by the names of Eric Amber, Derek Flores and North Darling. They hadn't even found a name for themselves yet, they only knew that they wanted to perform. According to Derek's interview, their promoter in Adelaide used to write up on the chalk board outside their shows "hosted by those three Canadians" and that's how the name was created. Prior to this, they had only been performing together for about a month on the streets.

The 3 Canadians became hits at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Even being invited to be on the Gala in 1995 (although North did not make an appearance). Their hit shows have included "Ben Hur", "The Flat", "Swallow This" and "Space Monkeys".

With the help of their friend, and fellow improviser Ray Gurrie, "Ben Hur" was written and created in 1996. It was a 75 minute puppet show that reproduced the 1959 film.

In 1997, after two years' worth of sell out shows at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, the 3 Canadians again returned to the city where they began. This time it was to perform "The Flat" at The Playhouse for schools and local audiences before taking the show to the Melbourne Comedy Festival. While they were in Adelaide, they also managed to host a heat of Raw Comedy.

The guys appeared on the triple J breakfast show with Jen Oldershaw, Mikey Robins and The Sandman on January 23, 1998.

Being that they started on the streets, they've also done other free public gigs since then, such as appearances at Southgate for the Big Laugh Out and Melbourne Central for Comedy Central during the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Some people may think that improvisers have a lot of luck to be able to do what they do. That may especially be the case with this trio, since they seemed to get popular pretty fast. Improv comics don't generally get all the credit they deserve, certainly not as much as stand up comics. Coming from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, the home of Theatresports™, has certainly helped, but luck has had nothing to do with it. Improvising is a great skill to have and this trio have definitely got the knack. They manage to play improv games such as telling a story one word at a time, speaking as one man, and the interrogation chair, easily and without much flaw. Much knowledge of the world, and the people you work with is a must when improvising, and they have just that.

In October of 1998, after performing a season of "The Flat" at the Loose Moose Theatre in Calgary, they went their separate ways, only to end up back together again in January of 2001 to begin performance of their new show "Space Monkeys" at their 6th Melbourne International Comedy Festival. After the festival, they headed out to Sydney for three gigs at various universities.

To promote "Space Monkeys", these three filmed a small advertisement which was placed on The Age's website. The Age being a newspaper and a huge promoter of the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

They've also been on some ads on thecomedychannel, including one for milk! Apart from adverts making them appear on thecomedychannel, they've also appeared showing their improv skills.

While they were in Melbourne for the comedy festival in 2001, these troops performed at the Melbourne Showgrounds as part of Offshore 2001, a music festival.

Australia and Canada are not the only places they've performed however, as they've also appeared at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Still, Australia and Canada are their main places to perform. Australia is like their home away from home (or in North's case, his area of residence). Having performed in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. In Canada, they've performed at the Edmonton Fringe Festival, but their main performance space is the Loose Moose Theatre in Calgary, if it wasn't already obvious.