extract reviews from other people

These 'extracts' are from reviews that were sent in by Eric Amber. Most recent reviews first.

general reviews
Ben Hur
The Flat
Swallow This
Space Monkeys

General reviews

"I laughed so hard my water broke!"
Unknown Mother - March 2000

"…ludicrously and unfairly talented…"
On the Street - March '97

"…they tore the amphitheatre to shreds…"
"…infectiously good fun, high paced and not the least bit thought provoking."
Beat Magazine - March '97

"…pure entertainment…"
"I haven't laughed so much in a long time."
Drum Media - February '97

"They hit the stage in a lunatic frenzy and go for it like they're on borrowed time."
The Artery - January '97

"The overall impression is of a playpen, with three very talented, articulate toddlers having the time of their lives."
The Melbourne Age - January '97

"These boys have well and truly established themselves as comedians who can stare adversity in the face and conquer it."
Beat Magazine - February '96

"With the possibility of total dismal humiliating failure and death, these improvisers manage to give the grim reaper the finger most of the time."
Herald Sun - February '96

"The 3 Canadians are funny and wild, …in fact very, very funny and very, very wild!"
"Recruits from Calgary's famed Loose Moose Theatre Company, they are hootin', holler'n proof that this organisations reputation for producing the finest comic talent is no hyperbolic fantasy."
Herald Sun - January '96

"To say these guys are energetic is a gross understatement; think, a pack of children on red cordial."
"Spontaneous, creative and bloody hilarious, the 3 Canadians proved they are masters of their game."
In Press - January '96

"…they roared and screamed and flapped about at a pace that would make Ren & Stimpy seem well adjusted."
The Melbourne Age - January '96

"They quarry the richest mine in the world, the human mind."
Hobart Times - November '95

"…highly inventive, quick witted and project a likeability that is infectious."
Dick Finkle - Edmonton Street Festival Director - November '95

"…the audience loved them!"
The Melbourne Age, Australia - April '95

"…hard not to like…"
Beat Magazine, Melbourne, Australia, - April '95

"Like the 3 stooges on acid, and well worth the trip!"
Triple J Radio, Australia - March '95

"...the underground hit of the fringe."
The Adelaide Advertiser - March '94

Ben Hur reviews

"…left a capacity audience thoroughly entertained."
"…this is a group of entertainers clearly destined for bigger things."
The stage, Edinburgh, Scotland - August '97

"…the props were pathetic, the gags were cheap, this show is utterly brilliant."
"Don't miss it!"
The Melbourne Age, Australia - April '96

"The Last scene is worth admission price alone."
The Adelaide Advertiser, Australia - March '96

"This is a very funny production and should not be missed."
Empire Times, Adelaide, Australia - February '96

The Flat reviews

"…completely bizarre but hysterical comedy."
"…one of the funniest shows I have seen…"
The Calgary Sun - October '98

"…the audience was in such hysterics that bladders were failing and limbs were flailing.
The Calgary Straight - October '98

Short Listed for the LWT (London Weekend Television) Comedy Writing Award.
Humphrey Barclay, LWT, Edinburgh Festival, Scotland - August '98

"…niftily penned manic farce…"
"All three employ a dazzling repertoire of comic talents that make this a side-splitting experience."
The Scotsman, Edinburgh - August '98

"Make no mistake and accept no substitutes, this must surely be the best laugh at this year's fringe."
The List - Edinburgh, Scotland - August '98

"Very, very funny."
Three Weeks, Edinburgh, Scotland - August '98

"This is a very fun slapstick show, with an almost ridiculous energy."
The Melbourne Age, Australia - April '97

Swallow This reviews

"…the best thing to come out of Canada since maple syrup."
"…highly energetic, fast paced and well scripted…"
Y Newspaper, Adelaide, Australia - February '98

"…their teamwork and timing always keep total theatrical anarchy at bay."
Southern Times, South Australia - February '98

Space Monkeys reviews

"…high energy, sci-fi slapstick - rather like a fusion of The Goons and Red Dwarf."
Metro Magazine, Australia - April 2001

"…both engaging and amusing…"
"…the dialogue is sharp and well written…"
The Melbourne Age, Australia - April 2001