Hot Nuts and Popcorn Productions

Hot Nuts and Popcorn Productions was created between Eric Amber and Derek Flores after the 3 Canadians split in 1998. They've had many performances together. Derek says "Hot Nuts & Popcorn Productions is just Eric and I whenever we want to produce something."

So how did they come up with the name "Hot Nuts and Popcorn"? Eric tells the story. "H & P was an LSD inspired name. One night, all the quays in Sydney, we were tripping and came across a man selling hot nuts and popcorn which sent us into a giggling fit of hysteria and inspiration. The perfect name for a vaudevillian duo! No doubt about it. It sat in the back of our minds for several years until we had the opportunity to do the show. The rest is history."

The first show produced by Hot Nuts and Popcorn Productions was Eric and Derek's Hot Nuts and Popcorn Variety Hour. This show was first performed at the Loose Moose Theatre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in 1999 and featured some Canadian celebrities. In fact, it has been put on at the Loose Moose Theatre for months. The first season was January-June 1999, then September-December of the same year, and September-December the following year. Also in 1999, the variety hour had a season at the Garneau Theatre in Edmonton, Canada. In 2000, the show was taken to the World Buskers Festival in Christchurch, New Zealand, the Adelaide Fringe Festival, and the Melbourne Comedy Festival in Australia.

The New Zealanders enjoyed the show so much that Hot Nuts and Popcorn hosted the Buskers Comedy Club in 2001 and they will again be hosting next year.

Hot Nuts and Popcorn helped produce the 'more or less' show that they took to Australia in 2000 under the title "Loose Moose". This show also contained their friends Ryan Bellevile, Dave Lawerence and Ken Gardener. After Australia, the same show had a season at the Loose Moose Theatre.

In Autumn 2000 (October and November to be precise), Hot Nuts and Popcorn Productions also produced a version of "MacBeth" which was again shown at the Loose Moose Theatre in Calgary. Eric played MacBeth and Derek played Lady MacBeth. The other improvisers in this show were Ryan Gladstone, Ken Gardener, and Matthew Kennedy.

The Hot Nuts and Popcorn Variety Hour is touring again, and the dates can be found on the upcoming events. Apart from those dates, it is also being taken to Toronto, Canada where they boys are moving.

Derek hopes that in the future, Hot Nuts and Popcorn Productions will produce more comedy shows, and maybe even TV and movies. "But for the moment it's just our name to seem more important than we are." Derek says.

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