In the hot seat: Eric Amber

Date received: June 13/14 2001

Do you feel you have to put out a lot just because you're the only unattached member of the 3 Canadians?

How did you meet Derek and North?
Derek, accidentally kicked me in the nuts during a first rehersal for a childrens play (robin hood) when we were 16. Directed by Patti Stiles (who now lives in Melbourne with her husband "Christoff" also performer) Later he bought me McDonalds and we watched with teared laughter as another friend tried to put a whole big mac in his mouth then began to bleed from his nose and choke. We've been friends ever since. Our other friend actually succeeded in his big mac attempt and is now married with a son.
North came to Loose Moose Theatre from his small country town of Peace River Alberta to Calgary where we all trained as improvisors under Keith Johnstone (Creator of TheatreSports). I met him only days before his 18th birthday.

How do they react everytime you miss a gig?
I have only ever missed a gig for personal reasons. Re: question one.

Do you remember being in the comedy festival gala in 1995, and what you looked like?
Yes, I had tall white hair and big scared eyes and wore my civies.
we were a bit bedazzled, but now i know its all just show biz.

What was it like hosting the Spinning Wheel at the comedy festival this year?
The spinning wheel was great. I love Caberet and Derek and I hope to do more of it as Hot Nuts and Popcorn. That seedy underground entertainment hot bed is where we feel most at home and we can be as stupid as we like.
H & P will be hosting the 2002 Christchurch Buskers